MEDENT vs Aesthetics Pro: A Complete Guide

Some care professionals like to-the-point facts and figures. But sometimes, going into the depths of healthcare solutions is essential. It is especially the case when you are looking for specialty-specific solutions. Detailed insights into EHR solutions reveal their prime area of concern and their center of focus. For instance, suppose you are running a behavioral health practice. In this case, CareLogic is your best bet and not Aesthetics Pro Online.  

There are diverse EHR platforms for catering to the diversity of medical spaces. However, going with the trend is not always the best option. That’s why there is a concept of EMR comparisons. In today’s guide, we will conduct a MEDENT vs Aesthetics Pro Online comparison. You will see that there are many commonalities between the two. But know that still, they can’t be used interchangeably. The reason is they run on specialized interfaces.  

This is what we will elaborate on in this MEDENT vs Aesthetics Pro Online guide.  

MEDENT EMR Software: 

It is an intuitive care platform that handles patient communication and shapes revenue streams effortlessly. MEDENT EMR features nationwide interoperability, lab integration, voice dictation, and data-sharing facilities. This ONC-ATCB-certified solution lowers administrative costs by automating bills. The software even provides disease management and patient feedback services for caregivers.  

MEDENT EMR Features: 

MEDENT features an array of tools and services that are fully configurable. The features of MEDENT software are geared towards increasing clinical productivity by reducing administrative overhead. MEDENT streamlines clinical workflow with its comprehensive features that include:  

  • EMR 
  • e-Prescribing 
  • Patient Portal 
  • Compliance Tracking 
  • Practice Management Software 
  • Patient Demographics 
  • Lab Integration 
  • Appointment Scheduling 
  • Voice Recognition 
  • Mobile App 
  • Telemedicine Software 
  • Appointment Reminders 
  • Reporting and Analytics 
  • Medical Billing Service 

MEDENT EMR Pricing: 

The MEDENT EMR has yet to reveal its pricing structure. However, you can know what It charges by contacting the sales team of MEDENT inquiring about the price structure. Also, request the pricing details of MEDENT to see whether it’s a budget-friendly solution.  

MEDENT EMR Reviews: 

The reviews of MEDENT are genuinely supportive, as care providers are in favor of this artistic solution. The prime facts about MEDENT revealed in the reviews are:  

  • According to the reviews, MEDENT EHR mimics the way care professionals work designing specialty-specific workflows.  
  • Users simply love the way it handles patient-physician relations.  
  • Reviews reveal that MEDENT users get access to content-rich libraries to document patient records accurately.  
  • The vendor handles basic documentation pre-visits using digital kiosk service; thus it dramatically reduces administrative burden.  


MEDENT software arranges a demo for its users. The demo of MEDENT software is cost-free. Thus clients can easily avail it. It is presented in the demo how MEDENT handles clinical operations in real-time settings.  

Aesthetics Pro Online: 

Aesthetics Pro is a medical spa software geared towards boosting the business performance of spa centers. It escalates the growth of med spas by shaping their revenue stream and assuring high-end reputation management. The software bids farewell to the traditional and incompetent ways of dealing with patients and nurtures impressive patient walk-throughs.  

Aesthetics Pro Features: 

Next in this MEDENT vs Aesthetics Pro guide are the features of Aesthetics Pro Online. This leading care platform provides an extensive feature range to address all the facets of spa businesses. The salient features of Aesthetics Pro that helps it gain a competitive edge are: 

  • Client management 
  • Marketing Suite 
  • EMR 
  • E-prescription 
  • Loyalty 
  • Reporting and insights 
  • Merchant services 
  • Point-of-sale 
  • Reputation and reviews management 
  • Service management 
  • Online appointment scheduling 

Aesthetics Pro Reviews: 

The Aesthetics Pro software entails mystic reviews. However, the users praise this solution for it shapes their day-to-day operations. Here lies the crux of Aesthetics Pro reviews: 

  • It holds a pleasing aura because of its intuitive layout and smooth navigation.  
  • According to the reviews, Aesthetics Pro dramatically improves the performance of medical spa facilities.  
  • This solution improves customer experience with its impressive support and engagement services.  
  • The reviews present Aesthetics Pro as an all-inclusive solution that modernizes the workflow of medical spa facilities.  

Aesthetics Pro Pricing: 

Aesthetics Pro shared detailed pricing plans on the web. So long as disclosing the price range, it enlists all the features covered in the cost plans. On the whole, AestheticsPro provides three pricing bundles. All the pricing plans of AestheticsPro EHR offer monthly subscriptions. The details are listed below: 

Solo Provider- It costs $125/month for single location practices and is geared towards enhancing growth rate.  

Enterprise: It costs $ 185/month for multi-location practices. This Aesthetics Pro plan features online appointment scheduling and packs a marketing suite. 

Enterprise Plus: This pricing plan of Aesthetics Pro costs $245/month. It includes EMR, E-record, and client management services.  

Aesthetics Pro Demo: 

Aesthetics Pro offers a free demo. The demo of the Aesthetics Pro software illustrates how it helps spa centers manage their day-to-day workflows. Schedule an Aesthetics Pro demo to dive into its delicacies.  

Is MEDENT or AestheticsPro EMR Software For You? 

Now that we are coming to the end of this MEDENT vs Aesthetics Pro analysis, you must have found your way. There are certain things you need to ensure before making the final call. Those are: 

  1. Exploring the basics of EMR vendors 
  2. Analyzing the user’s perspective 
  3. Defining your budget 
  4. Evaluating the demo 

We covered all these aspects in this MEDENT vs Aesthetics Pro guide so you can name your pick easily. Schedule a demo with both Aesthetics Pro and MEDENT to assess their functionalities before making the final call.  

You can clearly understand that Aesthetics Pro and MEDENT offer medical billing, repoing, scheduling, and EMR services. But still, MEDENT cannot be used in place of Aesthetics Pro. This is because the latter solution runs on a spa interface, whereas MEDENT doesn’t.  

If you find these solutions incapable of meeting your needs, contact us. We can look into the loopholes to discover an even better solution for your medical practice. There are tons of solutions out there for specialty-specific practices there is no need to make a compromise.  


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