Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : Best Lake Trek

 The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is one of the best treks in India. There is no doubt. This confirms Kashmir’s legendary position as a paradise on earth.

This is because the journey is staged on a larger-than-life canvas. It is 75 km northeast of Srinagar. Each day offers 360-degree views of wild and rugged mountains, rolling meadows, and turquoise alpine lakes. And you can visit more than six of these lakes and five different valleys!

Different conditions make this a difficult six-day trip. It features a long day of travel with ups and downs and no easy exit. As a result, it is not suitable for a beginner who has never hiked at high altitudes.

That said, the hardship is worth it. Every day is like a postcard, with a beautiful alpine lake to look forward to. The snowpack that feeds these lakes makes them even more beautiful. They go from the crooked mountains to the lakes. Sometimes, huge white icebergs are seen floating on the blue water of the lake. There are also the grasslands of Kashmir. These lawns come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes there are several in one day. Every other journey looks like a movie on the small screen after this. However, the grandeur of the ride makes the Great Lakes of Kashmir an IMAX 3D experience. Put this hike on your bucket list if you haven’t already! 

Itinerary in brief

 0 DAY

  • Arrival in Srinagar
  • Arrive in Srinagar on your own and meet the IndiaHikes team at 6:00 p.m. 
  • Your registration, medical examination, and verification of your documents will all take place in Srinagar, near Dal Lake, as will the collection of your rental equipment.

 DAY 1 

  • Travel from Srinagar to Shitkadi by car. Travel to Nihnai
  • Travel time: 2 hours | Distance: 50km | Walking time: 6.5 hours | Altitude: 7,800 feet to 11,607 feet | Indiahikes Tour Pick-Up Location: Sheikh Feroze Tours & Travels, Sathu, Barbara Shah Chowk, Near Flourmill, Srinagar Sheikh Feroze Tours & Travels will provide transportation to Sathu, Barbara Shah Chowk, Near Flourmill, Srinagar, at 05:30. The taxi fare is 3,000 rupees per vehicle and must be paid directly to the driver.


DAY 2 

  • Nichnai to Vishnusar Trek via Nichnai Pass
  • Distance: 13.5 km | Walking time: 7 hours | Elevation: 11,607 feet to 12,011 feet to 13,229 feet 
  • The difficulty is not great. A gentle 1.5-hour hike is followed by a 1-hour hike to the pass. Downhill for almost an hour from the pass, then up the plateau.

3 DAY 

  • Travel from Vishnusar to Gadsar via the Gadsar Pass
  • Distance: 16 km | Walking time: 7.5 hours | Elevation and Loss: 12,011 feet to 10,706 feet to 13,715 feet 
  • The difficulty of the hike: 1.5–2 hours of moderately steep ascent are followed by 1 hour of downhill before settling down.

DAY 4 

  • Journey from Gadsar to Satsar
  • Distance of Course: 11.5 km | Travel time: 4.5 hours | Elevation: 10,706 feet to 11,985 feet Climbing Type: Climbing. A steep 1.5-hour climb is followed by a flat hike. Difficulties. The upper limit is used to high.

DAY 5 

  • Go through Zaj Pass from Satsar to Gangabal.
  • Distance: 9 km | Walking time: 6 hours | Elevation: 11,985 feet to 11,486 feet to 13,276 feet 
  • Course Difficulty: Difficult. 30 minutes of higher intensity followed, followed by 45 minutes, but ultimately, treading At all times, music is coming down the same way.

6 DAY  

  • Drive to Srinagar after travelling from Gangabal to Naranag.
  • Driving distance: 2 hours; travel time: 50 km. Travel distance: 13 km; travel time: 6 hours. Elevation loss: 11,486 feet to 7,800 feet
  • The difficulty is not great. For the first 6 km, there is a mix of uphill and downhill, followed by a straight downhill. You will arrive in Srinagar around 6 p.m.
  • Please keep in mind that the distance between the camps can vary by 100 metres depending on the weather and the route you choose. For one reason, its height can change by 100 feet.



How difficult is the journey across the Kashmir great lakes trek?

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek reaches 13,715 feet and is rated at Level 2 of moderate difficulty. A very low grade indicates a long day of hiking through rugged mountains.

Although most of the pictures of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek Walk show grasslands and lakes, the trek is not for the faint of heart. In short, you will cover 75 kilometers in 6 days. Every day, you will walk 12 kilometers on average. Every day you will climb 1500 feet and descend 1500 feet.

This journey has three challenging parts:

  1. A difficult ascent of the Nichnai Pass
  2. Climb the stairs to Gadsar.
  3. Hard rock section after Satsar


If you are going to trek the Kashmir Great Lakes trek in the winter season then you are going to witness the beauty of snow. You can see mountains covered with white shining snow. If you are going to trek the Kashmire Great lakes trek in the winter season then you can enjoy some sports activities like skiing and motorbiking. On the other hand, you can visit the Kashmir Great Lakes trek in the summer season also. If you are going to trek in the summer season then you are going to witness the natural beauty of Kashmir. You will see lush green mountains and land. 

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