Easy Birds Kids Drawing Images | Birds Drawing Tutorial

Easy Birds Kids Drawing Images | Birds Drawing Tutorial

Kids Drawing Images Parents can encourage their children’s natural curiosity and creativity by including them in arts and crafts activities. Children are naturally curious and imaginative. If your child is interested in drawing, you could teach them basic drawings like animal designs to enhance their skills and keep their attention.

A great way to help your child learn new sketching techniques is with this comprehensive instruction manual. Your youngster will enjoy Kids Drawing Images because it is really simple. Is your child ready to study drawing birds?

Supplies Required to Draw a Bird

  • The following materials are needed to draw a bird perfectly.
  • One HB or B-type graphite pencil.
  • A lone eraser.
  • A4-sized white paper or cardstock. 5 Simple Steps for Drawing a Bird for Kids.

Step By Step Birds Kids Drawing Images

This lesson will teach you five simple steps to draw a bird. Newcomers will love this guidebook!

First, a summary

  • To complete the drawing, draw a candy cane for the bird’s head and body. As shown in the image below, you can draw a line with a slight upward curve to represent the head. Make a small bend for the beak.

Keeping the gaze open

  • Draw a tiny circle under the curved skull and fill it with material to make the eyes. Draw the beak next, as seen in the figure.

Make the wings and the body:

  • The bird’s wing is made by joining the outline with a semicircle. As shown in the image, a larger semicircle should be formed and joined at the bottom. At the bottom, the small arc will serve as the bird’s tail.

Draw the feet and feathers:

  • To illustrate the bird’s feathers, draw two arcs inside the tail and three inside the semicircle. The feet are made by drawing two small parallel lines from the outside semicircle and then extremely small arcs underneath the lines.

Color of the bird:

  • Orange and yellow paint should be used to decorate the bird. The wings should be painted yellow, and the rest of the body should be dark orange, as seen in the figure. Its beak should be brown.
  • In only five simple steps, your youngster will be able to draw a bird with ease. Before guiding him through sketching other animals, let him try drawing a bird.
  • Your child’s enthusiasm for the drawing will help them improve their concentration, hand-eye coordination, and inventiveness. So let him draw and create his fantastic universe!


Woodpeckers are stunning birds with unusually long tongues.  They also like to consume nuts. They are among the most clever and sophisticated birds in the world. These birds represent power, endurance, luck, money, and success. With others, they get along nicely. The usual lifespan of a woodpecker is 4 to 11 years.


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With the help of these instructional videos, your kids will learn how to sketch six different birds, including bluebirds, toucans, ostriches, flamingos, penguins, and a peacock.
These downloadable step-by-step instructions make it easy to draw a bird. Your children will feel more confident as they adhere to these straightforward directions.

Even though these instructions are for sketching six different species of birds, I’m sure your kids can use what they’ve learned about different bird body types to design different birds.


You may learn how to draw a bluebird using this free printable paper. You may learn to draw bluebirds and other little, compact birds like finches, sparrows, and more by practicing on one.


Other larger birds, such as parrots, can be drawn by your student using the same body type and posture as they use for toucans!


Drawing an ostrich is simple if you follow these six simple steps.


With the help of this simple drawing tutorial, you can easily draw many types of penguins. Put embellishments on your penguin to give it a little personality.


Because there are so many options for adding patterns and color, drawing a peacock is a lovely experience. A great place to start is this page on peacock drawing! THE KIDS’ HOW TO DRAW BIRDS PAGES CAN BE ACCESSED BY CLICKING HERE.

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